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Making the Second Sale

You’ve sold your Prospect. Now’s the time to sell your Underwriter. Learn how to make the second sale.

Read More  March 24, 2016

How Your Agency Can Profit From the Current State of California’s Workers’ Compensation Marketplace

Past Workers’ Comp insurance cycles have always created tremendous opportunities for informed and prepared agencies, and this one is no exception.

Read More  June 3, 2015

How to Bag a Direct Carrier Appointment

For new and established agents, getting priority carrier appointments can be a challenge. Read on for some tips on how to gain access to carriers more effectively.

Read More  September 10, 2014

Four Keys to Unlock Better Margin

Your agency sells insurance and the carrier provides insurance.  The margin you make depends on 1)      HOW you CONNECT with carriers, 2)      WHICH CARRIERS you sell for, 3)      POLICY TYPES and SIZES you sell and 4)      Your ratio of NEW…

Read More  February 21, 2014

Read the Fine Print in Your Insurance Cluster Agreement

Exploring an insurance cluster membership? No two clusters are alike, so be sure to read the fine print in the contract and then ask questions about the practices of the cluster that go beyond that document. When investigating membership in a…

Read More  May 29, 2013