Seeking innovative vendors who can help our insurance cluster members be more effective.

If you are a vendor catering to independent insurance agencies, we’d like to talk with you about partnering with one of the most respected insurance agency clusters in the industry–United Valley Insurance Services.

Why partner with United Valley?

United Valley’s 70+ member agencies are imbued with the management practices, integrity, and expertise needed to utilize best-in-class products and services and effectively build your revenue stream.

How does United Valley select “Preferred Partner” Vendors?

  • We carefully evaluate prospective vendors’ offerings and partner with only those vendors whose products and services we believe are relevant to our members and their needs.
  • We try to select Preferred Partner Vendors whose services do not overlap one another–giving our Preferred Vendors a special endorsement.
  • We re-evaluate all Preferred Partner vendors annually.

How does United Valley promote your offerings?

  • Announcements on our Members’ Intranet
  • Booth space at our annual convention
  • Promotions of your product/services via our Member Newsletter and webinars to our members
  • A United Valley “Preferred Partner” logo–providing our members with evidence that we have endorsed your products/services

If you’d like to partner with United Valley, please fill out our Preferred Vendor application and we will contact you as soon as possible.