Central Marketing Team

Get more quotes in less time.

The United Valley Marketing Team markets commercial accounts to our carrier partners on behalf of our members.

Our members report that this is one of the highest valued benefits we provide as it saves them time and often money, and allows them to devote more time to finding new customers and servicing existing ones.

We meet with our carrier partners on a regular basis to ensure the tools and resources we have available to our Marketing Team are updated with the latest information on our carrier partners’ appetites. Our proprietary Appetite Guide maintains appetites for over 24 BOP and Package markets and over 20 Workers’ Compensation markets–giving us a substantial competitive edge.

Whether you call us a cluster, aggregator, or insurance agency network, we are here for our members and our Marketing Team is ready to serve our exclusive network partners.

How it works

By submitting an ACORD application to our 9-member Central Marketing Team, our members gain the competitive advantage. Our Marketing Consultants select the best markets based on our proprietary appetite guides. They use their own knowledge and expertise and go to work to find our members several quotes based on the risk characteristics.

As a result, we obtain more quotes from more carriers than you normally would have time to access on your own. Plus, our expertise helps make sure you are accessing the right carriers for your clients’ needs.

Make sure your clients are getting the best possible rates from the right markets for the coverage they need with help from United Valley’s Marketing Team.

Fill out our new member questionnaire to see if your agency meets our membership requirements.