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2019 Jack W. Harbert Good Egg Award Recipient

Congrats to Tiffany Boyster of BPIA/PLD!

We are pleased to announce that Tiffany Boyster of BPIA/PLD was selected for the award at the Principals’ Dinner during the UV Conference & Trade Show.

Tiffany was nominated by her agency principal, Debbie Upland, as someone who has enthusiasm, a positive attitude, is reliable and is always pinch hitting with staff shortages. She has worked at the agency for over 15 years, where she trained four of her staff members, all new to the industry.

The Jack W. Harbert Good Egg award is named for Jack W. Harbert, Vice President, who retired from United Valley in 2015, after 20 years of service. To honor and recognize Jack’s service and dedication to United Valley, a recipient will be selected each year.

A favorite saying of Jack’s is “He’s a good egg” or “She’s a good egg.” The saying is a highly regarded compliment and indicates the individual is hardworking, genuine and kind with a willingness to help others and go above and beyond standard expectations.