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5 Ways to Sell Using Your Insurance Agency Website in 2019

Whether your insurance agency prefers to focus on transactional business or relationship-based sales, your website can play a key role in your success – or lack thereof.

Here are five ways to increase your numbers this year using your website:

#1 – Create a Site Designed to Engage

First impressions matter. In fact, according to J.D. Power, nearly three-quarters of people who want to buy insurance start their search online.

If you want to engage your prospects, your site needs to look amazing and offer tools that wow! Your site is a reflection of your brand, and you have less than one second to show prospects who you are. And, while prospects want to know about you, they also want to easily find what they need. Your close rate and relationship-building skills won’t matter if your site doesn’t captivate your audience.

Motivate your site visitors to take action, then show them what you’re made of!

#2 – Offer Live Chat Functionality

In this digital age, prospective insurance clients often have questions and they want answers right away. Offering a way to communicate with your team quickly tells people that you value their time and you’re ready to offer stellar customer service. If you force prospects to wait for you to answer their contact form submission, they may spend that time researching your competitors.

#3 – Include a 24/7 Client Portal

Your website needs to do more than just help you attract new clients; it should also help you retain the clients you already have.

Clients expect a portal. They want a way to request a certificate, auto ID card or policy change easily. Communicate the availability of the portal with your clients and invite them to use it.

Bonus: This can also lessen the client service burden on you and your team.

#4 – Educate Clients and Prospects

Your website is an opportunity to educate clients and prospects while positioning your agency as an industry expert. Build trust by offering informational videos, blog posts, articles, and other information geared toward selling value over price.

Keep your site fresh and up-to-date so visitors understand and believe your commitment to education.

#5 – Personalize and Localize

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a powerful tool you can’t afford to ignore. Including pages in your website that are dedicated to the products you sell and filling them with keyword-rich content, you dramatically increase your chances of others finding your site through search. You’ll also want to include location pages to enhance your searchability for clients looking for agencies in your area.


Michelle Longo is a Digital Marketing Account Specialist at Forge3, Ltd. – the creators of ActiveAgency, the leading insurance agency website platform. It includes some very powerful (and cool!) sales tools and technology like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Video Proposals and more. Forge3 is a United Valley Preferred Vendor. Learn more and see a demo at