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Deadly Driving Distractions

Driving distractions are an increasing occurrence in America due to the exponential increase of hand-held devices in our population.  With the increased usage of smartphones and cell phones, drivers think that this is the most convenient and time-effective way to catch up on e-mails or text messages.  Wrong!

Driving with a hand-held device increases the likelihood of an accident by 400%.  This has been a big factor driving new restrictive legislation in the 37 jurisdictions banning hand-held devices while driving.

While using cell phones behind the wheel is one of the most talked about driving distractions, it’s not the only one. There are many other things that we do behind the wheel that you may be surprised to find are considered driving distractions!

The main types of driving distractions are:

  • texting
  • using a cell phone or smart phone
  • eating or drinking
  • talking to passengers
  • grooming
  • reading (maps)
  • using a navigation system
  • watching a video
  • adjusting a radio/CD player/MP3 player

According to Car and Driver Magazine, texting and driving can have even more dangerous outcomes than driving drunk. Drunk driving is illegal and socially unacceptable. Make sure that you set an example for younger children in your vehicle. If you wouldn’t drive under the influence with children and teenagers in your car make sure that you’re not texting and driving with them in the car. Help make texting and driving socially unacceptable; lead by example.

Detaching from reality while driving can be fatal, and driving in autopilot is one of the riskiest driving distractions out there. Make sure you’re focused on the road and drivers around you.

For tips on how to avoid driving distractions visit the California DMV Website.