4 Tips for a Successful Insurance Blog

In this second part of our three-part series on blogging for insurance, discover four ways to achieve blogging success for your agency.


In the world of digital marketing, having an active blog can be one of the best ways to stay relevant, get “found” in searches, grow leads and outpace your competitors. 

As long as your blog is successful, that is. With more than 500 million blogs floating around the internet, you need to make sure yours gets read — and that means taking a few extra steps to ensure your agency’s blog stands out — in a good way.

In part one of this three-part series, we told you how to start an insurance blog and why it’s important. Now we present four ways to achieve blogging success for your agency.

1. Have a publishing schedule — and stick to it

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is setting a posting schedule and then failing to follow through. That's a big problem. Why? Because as a marketing tool, your blog is linked to your agency’s reputation. 

An inconsistent publishing schedule can make your entire business appear haphazard, disorganized and unprofessional. It gives readers the impression you’re not taking your business — or their needs — seriously. 

It might even make clients wonder if your business is in trouble in other ways. Bottom line: Once you select a schedule, stick with it, no matter what.

2. Put the clients’ needs first

Yes, a blog can help increase sales, but selling is not its main purpose. A blog is more about building customer relations and trust — and that takes time. 

Avoid the desire to constantly be selling on your blog. Instead, reserve your blog for more in-depth, useful information that’s relevant to your clients’ lives and needs, even though that probably means putting the direct-sales approach on the back burner.

3. Develop a strong voice

Your voice is a big part of your brand. Sure, you want to appear knowledgeable and authoritative in your niche. But you also want to be warm and engaging — maybe even humorous at times. 

The more approachable and relatable you are in your wording and your overall tone, the better you can connect with your readers (and the greater chance you have at driving conversions over time).

4. Use social media to amplify your visibility

Promoting your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever social platforms you use is a great way to gain more visibility. 

Plus, by tying together all your digital marketing initiatives, it helps your agency appear more professional, more progressive, and more successful and established.

Now that you understand what makes a successful blog, it’s time to start generating those content ideas. You’ll learn more about that in part three of this three-part series.

Author: United Valley — Published: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Posted In: Agency Strategies

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