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Producer Development Training Program in San Mateo, CA

Each year, Producer Development is the #1 request of our Agency Principals.

Our goal is to deliver a quality, proven program and have engaged Polestar Performance Programs to provide a Producer Development Training Program for our members. We are pleased to be co-hosting this training with our Partner Companies and Polestar. Here are some of the highlights for the event —


  • Pre-Work, two days of on-site sales training July 22-23 training, workshops, group discussions & assignments (San Mateo, CA)
  • Producers are matched with a personal sales coach — during the program and post-program at the Producer’s option
  • Three months online group webinars and one-on-one coaching by phone
  • Finally, a one-day “graduation meeting” November 5, where Producers present their Business Plans to their peers (San Mateo, CA)


  • Producers with one to three years of experience in either commercial lines or personal lines
  • Producers seeking to increase sales by 20% or more
  • Producers looking to improve their time management and priority management

This is truly sales coaching for the long term — it is two days of intensive training, group discussions, and assignments. Following these onsite meetings, participants will take part in group webinars with their peer participants and Coach, as well as one-on-one via phone to further develop and be accountable for their marketing, sales, and business plan development. Finally, participants will present their business plans to their peer participants November 5th. Agency principals/mentors are encouraged to attend.


“CDS Insurance Services has found the Polestar Producer Development Program to be of tremendous value to our agency. Partnering with Polestar enabled our new producer to feel comfortable with a program specifically tailored to his needs. The combination of weekly tele-conference calls, webinars, reading assignments, and business plan proved extremely beneficial in the development of our new producer. CDS plans to use Polestar’s expert services for all new producer hires.” — Chuck Swan, President of CDS Insurance Services “I sell for a living. Every winter I found the warm joy of family get-togethers eclipsed by the cold dread of cranking up sales for the next year. No longer. Polestar coaching changed my life and now I’m always up and flying in all seasons. Thank you Polestar for rocking my world!” — Jack Harbert, VP of United Valley Insurance Services, Inc. “Scurich Insurance Services recently hired a producer who was not only new to sales but new to the world of employment (college graduate). We enrolled him in Polestar’s FastTrack Producer Development Program which lasted about 6 months. The foundation and practical tools the curriculum provided him was phenomenal. In fact, as his mentor, I found myself learning, and relearning quite a few things myself. Our producer was able to hit the ground running and within a month landed his first commercial account, which generated a little more than $2,000.00 in commission. The investment is well worth it. I highly recommend this program!” — Tony Scurich, President of Scurich Insurance Services