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Top 10 Blogs Insurance Agents Should Be Following

As a local insurance agency, it’s up to you to find reliable, regularly updated resources to help grow your business. Below, we’ve outlined the top 10 insurance-related blogs that will help you do just that.


In the property and casualty insurance industry, you simply can’t go without reading the Insurance Journal blog regularly. Insurance-related stories, biographies and interviews, videos, breaking news, and much more can be found here.


Insurance Commentary is truly the go-to publication for insurance nerds. The site is run by property and casualty insurance expert Bill Wilson and provides a veritable treasure trove of useful information on practical matters that insurance agents face.

Each post seems to be on a unique situation or topic that you’ve likely had questions about before. Topics range from how to resolve claim disputes or deal with unique claims that consistently cause problems, to handling customer services issues and what to know about handling plans for Millennials.


This blog focuses on time-sensitive issues relating to insurance. You’ll find information for both insurance agencies and the public, often relating to contemporary events wherein insurance may be a factor. You’ll read about rate increases, disasters, insurance-related court cases, and more.


Aartrijk is a marketing provider run by Peter van Aartrijk. His site focuses on providing essential marketing, communication, and content strategies for insurance agencies. While they offer these services for profit, they’re also generous with the advice they provide to agencies who don’t inevitably purchase their services or contract with them. Learn about strategies like trade advertising, brand identity design, social networking, web development, event support, publicity, and much more.


Steve Anderson’s blog focuses on independent agency management. Steve is an agency tech expert and offers advice to agencies looking to change or swap out their current management system — no matter the reason. With his assistance, small local agencies can learn about and connect with the leading agency management system vendors in the country.


This website actually offers marketing services as well as tips and advice for advertising and branding your agency. While you can certainly harness the marketing strategies provided by this company, you can also use the blog for information on how to better your marketing system on your own. You’ll learn about referral marketing, tips for young or inexperienced agents, focusing your business on value instead of cheap policies, cross-selling, and much more.


With his blog “Agency Revolution,” insurance marketing thought-leader Michael Jans helps other local independent agencies improve their businesses in a number of ways. His contention is that the consumer benefits most from the independent agent-broker system, and harnessing the unique benefits of this system is the only way to stay in the game, offer excellent insurance, and make a killing profit.


Mega Agency Marketing shows independent insurance agencies like yours how to stand out from the herd and get more leads and quotes. They give recommendations on how to use testimonials to generate new leads, how to create a marketing plan, how to sell additional policies to current clients, and much more.


Agency Intelligence has a blog that is actually dedicated to independent agencies like yours. Their focus is on growing your business through advertising, marketing, and branding strategies. In the age of online advertising and digital sales, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of changing tech marketing strategies.


Chris Paradiso operates this blog. Just like Carrie Reynolds of Insurance Goddess, Chris is the owner of his own insurance agency. With his blog, he offers a unique industry-perspective on using online advertising and social media to create a highly successful independent insurance agency in the digital age.

Have you considered your own blog?

Lastly, don’t forget that it’s within your means to create your own insurance agency blog, as well. You’ll likely prefer to gear your blog toward potential and current insurance clients as opposed to others in your industry.

Still, in doing this, you can provide useful information about the purchase and maintenance of insurance to readers, driving traffic to your business. Some of the same ideas may be convertible from the blogs above to your own platform.

In turn, this endeavor should not only greatly assist your client base in their search for quality insurance, but it should also help you generate new leads, increase your conversion rate online, and as a result, improve your revenue.

For starters, use the 10 websites listed above to glean useful information about maintaining, growing, and honing your own business. These resources are invaluable on your journey to improve the branding and success of your local agency.