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United Valley Launches an Updated Members’ Intranet Through Convey Services

We’re always looking for ways to increase value to our membership. One of the ways we do this is through providing relevant and current content to our members regarding our companies’ offerings.

Today, we have a very robust Members’ Intranet. Over 800 United Valley users (principals, producers, account managers, CSRs) have access to and utilize our Members’ Intranet on a regular basis. Many keep our Members’ Intranet open on their desktops throughout the day. We are excited about launching an updated Members’ Intranet in 2nd Quarter 2016. We have contracted with Convey Services, an experienced provider of networked information systems, to help build a Company & Preferred Vendor Content Portal exclusively for United Valley, which will reside inside the United Valley Members’ Intranet. Each of our companies and preferred vendors will have their own online catalog, branded to them, where they can update and maintain their customized page and upload marketing materials, newsletters, contacts and more to this catalog—providing our members’ with the most up to date information available. We expect this new system will result in more timely, relevant and accurate information availability to our membership.