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United Valley Receives Fire Extinguisher Training


Do you know what to do in case of a fire?

United Valley had Larry Balderama of Jorgensen Co. out on March 25th for a live demonstration on fire extinguisher use. We learned that there are three main types of fires: wood, flammable liquid and those caused by electricity.

For the most effective use of an extinguisher, stand 8-10 feet from the fire, aim at the base of the fire, and sweep from one side to the other. The agent in the extinguisher will melt and smother the fire.

In order to keep your home extinguisher in good shape, it is recommended to regularly check for any dents or pressure loss. If you notice any leakage, or it has been more than five years, it’s time to get your home extinguisher serviced.

Fun Facts:

  • If you have used a fire extinguisher before, even if only one time, you are TWICE as effective at putting out a fire
  • A fire extinguisher is 10X more effective at putting out a fire than water
  • The best place to put your fire extinguisher is NOT in the kitchen! It is best stored on the floor in your master bedroom or an easily accessible linen closet
  • The average extinguisher has a 14-18 second spray time – regardless of size
  • The agent in the extinguisher is actually a powder, so use a broom or vacuum for cleanup