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What Is an Insurance Cluster?

More and more independent insurance agencies are joining insurance clusters. But what is an insurance cluster, and why might you want to join one?

An insurance cluster (a.k.a. alliance, network or aggregator) is a formal association of insurance agencies established to provide “members” with mutual support and group benefits.

Independent insurance agency owners often find themselves pulled in many directions — you have a business to operate, people to manage, a P&L to oversee, and customers who need your attention.

You may not have the time or money to do everything needed to keep up with the demands of the insurance industry.

In response, many firms find it useful to join an association or cluster with other agencies to help assist with these types of challenges and engagements.


There are many benefits in joining a cluster. Here are some of the most common benefits members receive:

  • Greater access to carriers. Clusters can help insurance agencies gain greater access to desirable insurance carriers, which means they’re better able to meet the needs of their clients. Our members have access to over 65 insurance carriers.
  • Better commissions. Joining a cluster may also help you access more profitable commission arrangements with top carriers.
  • Profit sharing. Many insurance cluster groups also offer profit-sharing benefits to their members. At United Valley, we aggregate our profit sharing from our shared partners so our members generally receive more profit sharing than they could on their own.
  • Operational support. Some insurance clusters also provide help and resources behind the scenes. We provide our members with marketing services to support commercial lines marketing of applications to companies, along with consulting services, educational workshops, and other support.

Clusters take many forms, depending on the needs of the members. If you decide to join a cluster, be sure to read the membership agreement carefully. To learn more about United Valley Insurance Services, please visit our membership page.