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About Us
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"I so enjoy observing (and participating in) an organization that is proactive in staying well in front of the power curve."

Robert Reed – Reed
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About Us

One of the most highly regarded insurance aggregators in the nation.

United Valley Insurance Services is a membership network of independent property and casualty focused insurance agencies located in California and Arizona. We started out in 1983 as an insurance agency network of seven member agencies, and have grown to over 85 member agencies with over 100 storefronts and $1B in total written premium.

Our job is to provide our members peace of mind while providing our company partners with the best quality member agencies with which to do business.

We help our members to be the best independent insurance agencies they can possibly be by:

  • securing and retaining competitive and stable markets
  • enabling our members to access more markets than they could on their own
  • providing web-based informational advantages
  • enabling greater premium volumes
  • improving members’ financial performance through shared profit-sharing and enhanced commissions
  • consulting with our members to help provide customized solutions and deliver the latest industry information available

As a member of United Valley, you will retain complete control of your book of business and policy level commissions while enjoying 75% profit sharing and many other benefits.

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At United Valley Insurance Services, each position is crucial to the services we provide to our members and carriers.

At United Valley Insurance Services, we care about the community and strive to give back.

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