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About Us
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"It would be next to impossible to compete in this challenging environment without the collective power of UV."

Chuck Swan – CDS
Insurance Services

Mission & Values


As the premier membership network of independent property & casualty-focused agencies, we empower our members with direct access to the finest insurance carriers, enhanced compensation, and value-added services, thereby allowing our members to remain independent, relevant, and thrive.

  • Integrityhonesty, and fairness is expected from all
  • Our employees are our greatest strength—and deserving of our investment
  • Everyone makes a difference
  • There is no job too big or too small
  • We collaborate and communicate
  • We work togetherwin together and celebrate together
Code of Ethics
  • We will tell the truth.
  • We will decide all issues upon merit.
  • We will treat member agencies equally in the processing of business and in the administration of standards.
  • We will not manipulate financial information, accounts, or commissions.
  • We will completely and accurately portray the prospective insured in all of our submissions.
  • We will maintain a high standard of technical ability in order to properly serve our customers.
  • We will disclose all pertinent information where there is a duty to do so.
  • We will treat all people equally, without regard to race, religion, gender, or national origin.
  • We will not seek an insurance quote, bid, or illustration that is intentionally higher and less favorable to our customer or prospective customer, than those proposed by other insurance companies.
  • We will not withhold or limit the receipt or presentation of insurance quotes, bids, or illustrations sought on behalf of a customer, or prospective customer, in a manner that is contrary to the interests of the customer.

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