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Hospitality Insurance

Find a policy that caters to the needs of your hospitality business with help from an experienced, independent agent.

The hospitality industry continues to grow every year. In 2016, hospitality companies employed 15.2 million people and reported revenues of $199.3 billion. Over 53,000 hotels and motels in the United States offered 4.9 million rooms to guests.

Despite industry growth, your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or other hospitality business faces numerous risks. Anything from an unauthorized guest to an employee injury can affect your company’s long-term success.

Contact an independent insurance agent to learn more about your hospitality insurance options. An experienced agent will discover details about your specific company and its needs then match you with a trusted insurance carrier. 

You gain a customized and comprehensive insurance package that addresses your risks, meets your needs and protects your company now and into the future.

Learn More About Hospitality Insurance

Choose from a variety of hospitality insurance options for your business. Each one serves a unique purpose in protecting your business, guests, employees, income and future.

Liability Insurance

Protect your business from financial loss due to liability caused by an accident, disaster or other problem. Select from numerous liability insurance options, including:

  • Liquor Liability: covers bodily harm or property damage caused by an intoxicated guest.
  • Foodborne Illness Liability: pays fees associated with treating a foodborne illness a guests contracts after eating food you serve.
  • Premises Pollution Liability: pay to remove mold or other airborne pollutants from your business location and treat anyone who becomes ill because of a pollutant.  
  • Cyber Liability: cover data breaches and other internet-related losses.
  • Employment Practices Liability: protect your business against losses associated with complaints or charges brought on by disgruntled employees.
General Property Insurance

Purchase adequate coverage for your entire property, including room furnishings, electronics, supplies, landscaping, signs and outbuildings.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional coverage if you face excessive liability charges after a catastrophic event.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Utilize your equipment breakdown insurance to cover repairs or lost income if your kitchen, laundry room, computer or security system equipment breaks.

Business Interruption Insurance

Cover your losses, including employee salaries, if a covered event such as bad weather or a road closure affects your business operations.

Crime Insurance

Protect your business from guest and employee theft, illegal behavior and other crimes.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Insure the vehicles you use for your business, including delivery trucks, limos or guest shuttles.

Food Spoilage Insurance

Receive compensation for food spoilage or losses that occur following a power outage or equipment breakdown.

Hotel Guest Relocation Insurance

Pay to relocate guests and cover losses after an emergency.

Event Cancellation Insurance

Cover costs and lost income associated with an event cancellation at your facility.

Medical Insurance

Purchase medical insurance for your employees if required by law.

Workers’ Compensation

Cover employee injuries or illnesses that occur because of a job-related issue.


Because you serve the public and hire employees, you will need protective hospitality insurance.

The type of coverage you buy depends on the size, type and location of your business.

Consult an independent insurance agent for more details on which coverage is right for your specific needs and the steps you need to take as you purchase the necessary hospitality insurance for your business.


The cost of hospitality insurance varies based on your specific business and its size, location and services.

A knowledgeable insurance agent will research different coverage options and companies then give you a customized quote that meets your needs and your budget.

Hospitality insurance allows you to continue meeting your client’s needs and protecting your company. Insure your hospitality business with the right insurance.