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Manufacturing Insurance

Construct a customized policy to protect your manufacturing business with help from an experienced independent agent.

As the owner of a manufacturing business, you produce important products and make a difference in the national and local economy. 

Manufacturing businesses employ 17.4 million people or nine percent of the country’s population, and these businesses contributed $2 trillion or 12.5 percent of the gross domestic product to the U.S. economy in 2012 reports the National Association of Manufacturers.

The manufacturing industries encompass 666,849 businesses, including food and meat processors, bakeries, fabric and textile mills, soft drink and water bottling companies, clothing, shoes and handbag producers, woodworkers, book printers, plastic manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, metal foundries, parts and tools manufacturers, and vehicle and boat producers, among others. 

Each of these manufacturing businesses faces unique risks and needs. Common risks can include:

  • Equipment and machinery breakdowns
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Employee injuries and illnesses
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Fires
  • Weather and other natural disasters
  • Lost income and business interruption
  • Damage to products and inventory in transit
  • Products that cause damage or injury to others

Protect your company and employees now and into the future when you purchase adequate manufacturing insurance.

An experienced manufacturing insurance agent near you will assist you in designing an insurance package that addresses all your risks and provides the valuable coverage you need to ensure your business can continue operating now and into the future.

Learn More About Manufacturing Insurance

When choosing manufacturing insurance, first consider your risks. Then choose from several important coverage options that protect every aspect of your business.

Liability Insurance

When a client slips and falls while visiting your business or a product you design or produce causes an injury or illness, you could be liable for medical and other related costs. Liability insurance covers these risks and can extend to liability costs associated with libel, slander, and pollution.

Property Insurance

Cover damages to your rented or owned property, including fixtures, equipment, materials, and inventory.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Machinery or equipment breakdowns could potentially cost your manufacturing business thousands of dollars. Equipment breakdown coverage pays for repairs and maintenance as well as rental equipment and can prevent expensive downtime.

Business Interruption Insurance

Protect your business and income for up to 12 months as you perform necessary repairs after a temporary disruption caused by a covered event such as a fire or tornado.

Business Vehicle Insurance

Insure the vehicle you use primarily for business purposes.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Pay for injuries or illnesses sustained by your employees because of their job. Your Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements vary based on your state laws.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Add extra liability coverage to your policy as you protect your business.  


Depending on your specific manufacturing business and federal, state and local laws, manufacturing insurance may not be mandatory. However, your company faces dozens of risks every day.

Purchase insurance to protect your company, including inventory, products, equipment, employees and future operations. Discuss your manufacturing business with an independent insurance agent and carefully weigh the risks you face and the types of coverage that protect your specific company.


Details about your manufacturing business, including its size, location, and product, affect your premium cost. The type and amount of insurance coverage you purchase also affect your premium.

Share details about your company, including your budget, with a knowledgeable insurance agent as you purchase the right manufacturing insurance policy for your needs.
When you’re ready to purchase manufacturing insurance, contact an independent agent.

Discover details about your coverage options and access dozens of quality insurance companies as you find a customized and comprehensive policy that addresses your risks and other business needs.

With help from a professional insurance agent, your manufacturing business can continue operations as you provide valuable products and boost the economy