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Restaurant Insurance

Find a policy that caters to the needs of your foodservice business with help from an experienced, independent agent.

If you own a restaurant, whether it’s a food truck or a fine dining establishment, you need insurance to protect your business. But not just any insurance. 

Restaurants face a number of unique risks that need to be considered when formulating a policy. Without help from an experienced agent, you run the risk of losing your business and your assets.

United Valley member agents are independent agents that have access to more than 65 insurance companies. They’ll work with you to evaluate your needs and find the best combination of coverage and price for your business. 

Learn More About Restaurant Insurance

When choosing manufacturing insurance, first consider your risks. Then choose from several important coverage options that protect every aspect of your business.

Property Insurance

This covers losses to the property you own or lease. If the property is leased, this includes coverage for anything you may have added to the property that stays with the property and cannot be legally moved from the premises. 

It also should cover the contents of the property, including the furniture, light fixtures, kitchen equipment, computers, art work etc. It protects you from losses due to vandalism, theft, fire, and other similar events.

Liability Insurance

If a customer is injured in your restaurant due to a negligent act by you or your staff, this will cover the injured person’s medical costs and any other damage he or she may have suffered. This also covers claims by those who allege they got sick due to food served in your restaurant.

Equipment Breakdown

Your food service business is dependent on your kitchen equipment functioning properly. A breakdown in any equipment, whether it’s your dishwasher, your stoves or the restaurant air-conditioning or heating system, can cause you to lose income plus the cost of repair or purchase of new equipment. This will cover you for the losses you incur if your business suffers due to equipment breakdown.

Loss of Income or Business Interruption Coverage

If your restaurant has to shut down, this covers your expenses, such as:

  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Equipment lease payments
  • Payroll
  • Taxes

Review your policy with your independent agent carefully. It should provide a list of covered events. Your agent will also be able to evaluate your business expenses and help you determine coverage levels that will adequately protect you against the risks.

Extra Expense Insurance

This pays expenses incurred due to a business interruption, such as rent and utilities on temporary quarters, that you would not have had to pay if there had not been a business interruption.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Both Arizona and California require employers of a certain number of employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance which pays a percentage of the lost wages and medical expenses of workers who are injured on the job. A failure to provide this coverage can result in the employer paying heavy fines.


There are other types of insurance you may find useful for your restaurant business including, but not limited to:

  • Food Contamination or Spoilage: If your refrigeration system breaks down and food spoils, this provides coverage for the cost of replacing the unusable food.
  • Employee Dishonesty: Covers your losses due to employee theft.
  • Business Vehicle Coverage: If you have vehicles that are owned by your business, your personal auto insurance policy will not provide coverage. Also, if your personal automobile is primarily used for your business, you need business vehicle coverage. If your personal auto insurer denies coverage, a lawsuit could be filed against your business and put all of your assets at risk.

An independent insurance agent will review your type of business and guide you in deciding on the best insurance for you that will provide you the protection you need.