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Wholesale & Retail Insurance

Build a customized policy to protect your wholesale or retail business with help from an experienced independent agent.

Whether you own a wholesale or retail business, you need to be sure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your assets. 

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, there are risks to doing business. It would be a tragedy to lose your assets and watch your hard work go up in ruins because you did not have the type of insurance you needed in a coverage amount that would cover your losses.

At United Valley, our experienced network of independent agents have access to over 65 insurance carriers. This means your agent can find you the best combination of coverage and price to protect your business.

Learn More About Wholesale & Retail Insurance

For both retailers and wholesalers, there are certain types of coverage you need no matter the size of your business or the products you sell. These coverages include:

Property Insurance

Cover the physical structure where you do business from property damage whether you lease or own the premises.

General Liability

Cover the medical expenses, lost wages and other damages suffered by those injured on your property.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Arizona and California require employers to carry this type of insurance that covers a portion of the lost wages and medical expenses of your employees who suffer from a work-related injury or disease.

Fidelity Coverage

This protects you against theft or other fraudulent misconduct by an employee.

Business Interruption or Loss of Income

If for some reason listed in your policy you are unable to do business for a period of time, this will cover your routine business expenses, like your mortgage or lease payment, utilities and payroll.

Excess Expense

This pays for extra expenses incurred only because your business has been forced to shut down for a period of time.

Computer Property

Most businesses today find it almost impossible to function if their computers do not function. This provides immediate repair or replacement in the event a computer shuts down.

Business Vehicle Coverage

If you use your vehicle either primarily or exclusively for your business, your personal auto insurance policy will not provide coverage if you have an accident while using your vehicle for business purposes.


There are some types of coverage that may be unique to a wholesale business. Those include:

  • Protection for Goods in Transit: This can be tricky depending on the way your goods are shipped. By truck? Ship? Rail? Air? There are different risks with each and your responsibility changes depending on when title to the goods changes hands.
  • Fluctuating Inventory: Is your inventory seasonal or does it remain essentially the same over the year?
  • Fleet Insurance: If you have several delivery vehicles, you may be able to save money by covering “all vehicles” owned or leased by you without having to add on each new vehicle at the time it is purchased.

There are some types of coverage you may need specific to your retail business. Some examples are:

  • Money and Securities Coverage: This covers funds that are lost due to theft or destruction whether the event happens at the site of your retail business or while in route to the bank for a deposit.
  • Data Compromise: If you keep information about customers on your computer, and the computer is compromised and any of them are victims of identity theft that can be traced back to your retail store, this coverage protects you.

Get the coverage your business needs at a price you can afford.