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Home Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset – your home.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It’s where you and your family live and feel most secure, where you store your priceless possessions and create lasting memories with the people you love.

It’s hard to believe that in an instant you could suffer a loss, whether through fire, windstorm, theft or other incidents that you may be deemed liable for–like your family dog biting a guest. Any of these can happen without warning and leave you feeling helpless.

Few homeowners can withstand the financial burdens that arise from disaster. That’s why having the right home insurance policy is so important.


Every home insurance policy should be unique to you. You choose your coverages based on where you live, the type of home you own, and personal preferences.

Some of the types of policies available:

  • Homeowners–protects you, the home owner, providing coverage for your structure, personal belongings and liability protection
  • Condominium Owners–protects you, the condominium owner and is very similar to a home owners’ policy, but just for the unit you live in, not your entire building or facility
  • Renters–provides liability protection for you, the tenant, and also provides coverage for your personal belongings
  • Landlords–provides liability protection for you, the landlord, with some coverage for the items you provide your tenant, such as the washer and dryer or refrigerator. Landlord policies also can provide protection from the rents you may lose in the event of a covered loss and your rental property is uninhabitable.

Here are a few of the most common types of coverage:

  • Structural—protection for your home and other structures, like detached garages or fences.
  • Personal belongings—coverage for damaged or stolen personal property, like your jewelry, furniture and even tools in your garage.
  • Liability protection—coverage for damages you cause others or you are legally responsible for, like an injury to others on your property or your family pet biting a guest.
  • Additional living expenses—coverage for temporary housing, meals, and other needs that arise while your home is being restored or rebuilt after a covered event.

A home insurance policy should provide enough coverage to replace the belongings that matter most to you.

You can help protect your most cherished possessions today by making a detailed inventory of your home and personal belongings. If possible, take photos and videos of your home and belongings in addition to making a list.

Remember to keep your list, photos, and videos somewhere other than your home, so they’re not damaged along with your home.